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3 Million Students | Free Text Messages to 
Support COVID-19 Immunizations

In an effort to support the safe reopening of college campuses across the country, Mainstay’s Vax to School program will donate free text message support to 3 million students through participating colleges and universities this summer. 

Sign up for free to support your incoming freshmen and returning students with research-proven text campaigns that provide COVID-19 vaccine reminders and resources.  

Texting works

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Why free texting?
Mainstay wants to help new and returning students get back to school as safely as possible. Communicating via text message (SMS) is a research-backed approach to help students complete immunization requirements. An increasing number of colleges and universities are instituting COVID-19 vaccine requirements this year. We want to help by providing this service to your higher ed community — free of charge.

How does the program work?
If you are interested in sending vaccine reminders through SMS to your students, a Mainstay Partner Success Manager will help you upload your students’ phone numbers, customize the text messages they’ll receive, and schedule your free campaign.

What can I learn from this?  
After the text messages are sent, we’ll show you a free report highlighting students’ aggregate declared data, so you can learn whether your students are hesitant to get vaccinated, and why.

How do I upload my students' contact information?  
A Mainstay Partner Success Manager will show you how to import data from your system of record into your free Mainstay account. 

Where does the data go and who owns it?  
Mainstay is a data fiduciary and fully FERPA compliant. Data will be used to send text messages to students. Mainstay does not share or sell any student-level data, and any reporting is done in aggregate and/or anonymized. 

Frequently asked questions

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Step 1

Securely share student information, including cell phone numbers, for any students you would like to message with COVID-19 vaccination reminders. Mainstay is FERPA-compliant.


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Trusted Partners

Complete this form and a member of our team will reach out to go over program specifics, answer questions, and help you get started if you're interested.  

WSSU used proactive SMS texting to increase their students’ immunization compliance by 37%.

Read the case study

Proven success with 

improving immunization

GSU proved through a Randomized Control Trial that SMS texting effectively reduces summer melt and increases 
on-time immunization by 9.3%.

Read the case study

  • 97% of today’s students read every text they receive: there’s simply no better communication channel to get students’ attention when it comes to important topics like campus health.   

  • Vax to School allows you to send your students important resources and reminders to help them complete COVID-19 immunization requirements for returning to campus in the fall. 

  • Custom reporting visualizes how your student population is engaging with the immunization campaigns, giving you insight into their sentiments, questions, concerns, and more.

After sending three campaigns to specific audiences, UWY reduced the number of students who hadn't submitted immunization forms by 72%.

Read the case study

Step 2

A Mainstay Partner Success Manager will help you customize the content of our research-proven vaccination text campaigns and send them out. We’ll do all the heavy-lifting, but you’ll have full control over what gets sent to your students. 

Step 3

Students will receive text messages with helpful resources and reminders about completing your institution’s COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Step 4

You will receive a custom Mainstay report with aggregate information about how your students responded to the campaigns. 

Georgia State University

University of Wyoming

Winston-Salem State University